University of Victoria :  
R.Sobie, I.Gable, C. Leavett-Brown, H. Leavett-Brown,
K.Lewall, D.Lee, Y.Savard, E.Rempel, P.Todd
and G.Currie, S.Summerfeldt, R.Pollak, N.Kruk, P.Nightingale

BCNET: M.Hay, D.McWilliam


Caltech:  H.Newman, A.Mughal, A.Barcyzk, R. Voicu, S. Rozsa

Ciena: Marc Lyonnais

Brocade: Rajesh Dhople

Xyratex: T.Jabas, B.Anderson

DELL:   C. Milne

Links to photos from conference:
Ian I
SC2011 Booth I
SC2011 Booth II
SC2011 Booth III
Ian II